Venue Dressing

Blooms for Flowers provide a professional venue dressing service, suitable for a range of settings. Working closely with you, we create beautiful corporate flower displays to transform your space, be it an office, hotel, restaurant or meeting room. Creating displays which reflect your business, we understand the importance of freshness and longevity, which is why we provide corporate flower arrangements to impress both staff and guests in your venue.


Flower arrangements are a great way to add colour into a space, increasing the appeal of your business. Offering a wide range of floral solutions, Blooms can lift the overall mood of your business, giving guests a warm welcome to your venue. Flowers are the perfect finishing touch to any space, enhancing your overall corporate image.



Office Dressing


Dressing an office space with flowers doesn’t always have to be large and over powering, the addition of flowers can be delicate and tasteful, reflecting a strong corporate image. No matter their size, flowers have the ability to improve the appearance of any space, breathing life and energy into the room. This can help to create a more welcoming environment in your office reception, or add some much needed energy into a meeting room, improving the overall feeling and mood of your both your staff, clients and visitors. Offering a regular office dressing service, we can ensure that your space is always well dressed with flowers, refreshing and replacing displays at a time to suit you and your business. Want to know more? Talk to our team today about venue dressing for your office.




Hotel Dressing


Flower displays are the perfect addition to any hotel space. While impressive flower arrangements at reception invite guests in with a warm welcome, delicate table displays can add a much needed finishing touch to dining areas and guest rooms. Dressing spaces throughout your hotel is sure to lift the overall feel and appeal of your hotel, adding finishing touches your guests are sure to appreciate.


At Blooms, we can also offer venue dressing for events and weddings held at your hotel. Offering bespoke solutions for both you and the event organisers, we create fresh, long lasting displays to truly complete any event at your hotel. From table displays to bouquets, we can help you transfer your hotel spaces for any occasion.




Corporate Flower Displays


With Blooms you can transform any corporate space with the addition of gorgeous fresh, long lasting corporate flower arrangements. Enhance the performance of your staff, the well-being of your clients and guests, and breathe life into events with our beautiful modern corporate flower arrangements and artistic flowers for any event. Talk to us today to find out how we can dress your venue with beautiful flowers.